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“Thank you ATD! Greatly appreciated! I’d like to thank you for the help and I will definitely use your services again and refer you to ppl to deal with these kinds of matters for careless driving. I am more than happy you got my ticket withdrawn!”

B. Squire.
“When I first called the office, I felt much more calm because of the confidence which the staff expressed.  They were open minded and very professional.  Alberta Traffic Defenders really did their best for me, and got the charges dropped.  A BIG THANK YOU!”
Todd J.
“Your help on this matter was greatly appreciated. Thank you for a fantastic job in saving my license. If I get a ticket again, you will be my first contact!”
Alex O.
“You guys are great! You delivered on what you advertise. I am a happy customer! Trust, that if I receive another violation, you will be my first call!”
Lance C.
“Thank you so much for saving my license!. I will definitely refer everyone i know to your company in the future.”
Brent L.
“Thank you so much for your assistance on my traffic matter. You have relieved a lot of stress for me!”
Bronwyn T.
“When I was ticketed, I was unsure of what to do and how to go about fighting it but thankfully I was referred to where I read about Alberta Traffic Defenders and their services and decided to try it. Hiring them on my behalf made the entire situation much less stressful, and in the end really helped me out. These great people really know their stuff and I highly recommend their services.”
Cheryl M.
“I would like to thank you for your efforts and time. I am grateful of the results. I will recommend to friends of the great service they will receive as I did. If I ever need help again you will be the first I call. Again, thank you!”
Dave R.
“It was a pleasure working with you. I am more than happy with your service and would definitely recommend you to everyone and anyone seeking help in the matter of traffic law. Thanks for your help with my ticket!”
Fayez A.
“Thanks ATD! They did an amazing job in lowering my fine and saving my license. I can’t thank them enough!”
Ivan H.
“Thank you for taking care of my Careless Driving  charge. It was such a relief to see the charge withdrawn. Now we can relax. I will definitely refer your services to others and appreciate what you have done for me. Thank you.”
Roger P.
“I have looked over your letter of correspondence! Thank you for saving my license! You did very good, thank you very much! I will be sure to refer you to everyone I know!
Josh F.
“What can I say other than THANK YOU! I really appreciate you being my side to convince the court and rule in my favour. I am really relieved now. Great job!”
Subrata D.
“Thank you for all you did to reduce my careless driving charge. From the first e-mail that I sent to you were nothing but friendly, understanding, and most importantly professional regarding my situation. I felt very comfortable dealing with your company then others and found it very easy to communicate with you.
Finally, I would just like to say thank you one more time as I am truly grateful, if I ever need defence in another case (HOPEFULLY NOT) or I know someone who is in a similar situation or needs representation there will be no question in my mind I will be referring to you as I know your company will treat them with respect, and do everything in your power to get the best possible outcome.
You make a huge difference in peoples lives.”
Cristina Ionescu